When I say ‘indescribable’, what I mean is that I don’t have the art to describe it. That no matter what I write, I’ll be unable to convey the feeling of being there, the scale of the thing, the sounds of the place, and the feeling of being somewhere so unfrequented by us humans.


So many penguins…

Definitely photographable, though. Picturesque. Taking pictures in Antártica is like playing the stock market in the mid nineties (or now, for that matter) – you just can’t go wrong. Point your lens in any direction, snap a photo, and you’ll capture something great. When the light is bad – great photos… when it’s foggy, great photos… when you are surrounded by guano and mud as far as the eye can see, great photos. So naturally, I took a few photos.

I’m not a photographer – I don’t have the art for it. I have enough of an eye to know I don’t have enough of an eye. I know my camera inside and out, I know what aperture is for and what a histogram is and when to use Av vs Tv vs Fv (a new thing!).  I still take mediocre pictures, though. In spite of all that, I love capturing images and video.

I’ve uploaded my first batch below, but I have many more to sort through, not to mention hours of video to edit. Enjoy.