A lot has changed since that ancient post from 2014 (“look at my new apple watch!”, :eyeroll:). I’ve changed jobs, cars, houses, and even cities. I bought a boat, travelled to Yet More Exotic Locales, learned new skills and abandoned old ways of thinking.

So much stuff to write about. I’ll mine it all slowly for posts and such, knowing full well that I’m basically writing for myself (why not? It’s fun!). Still, I owe my ancient blog a “previously on”, and here it is.

Towards the beginning of 2016, I left Cisco and joined Nervana, an extremely Silicon Valleyish startup working on some very exciting AI stuff. Later that year Nervana was acquired by Intel, eventually becoming the kernel of Intel’s AI Product Group, and that’s where I am now, having a blast.

At the same time, with both kids in college, my wife and I adjusted to being empty nesters, remembering how much fun we had with each other back before we had kids. We took our first international trips without kids in the intervening years (mixed in with many trips with out kids).

Somewhere in there, I decided to buy my sailboat, Azulita, which has become one of my sanity touchstones. No matter how crummy the day is going, or how long the week seems, I can always look forward to a good sail (almost always, the weather has been weird these last couple of years).

Because all that turbulence and chaos isn’t enough, we also decided to move to San Diego, in search of exciting new adventures. We’d lived in the Bay since we left PR, and it was started to get a bit stale. That meant selling our home of 17 years and setting up a new one down here in SoCal. It’s been a rough year on that front- the landscaping has been under way for 8 months, and even as I type this at 10pm, an electrician is out in my yard running the last few wires for an inspection tomorrow. Thankfully, SD gives you plenty of opportunities to escape to nature while the landscapiers are jackhammering away.

So, plenty to write about. Maybe I won’t neglect this place for another 5 years…