I’ve always loved Steve Wozniak – I think all geek-at-heart 80s-bred computer engineers do. He’s the embodiment of down-to-earth, not-evil geeky happiness we all aspire to. I’d like to think if I suddenly had a billion dollars I’d behave just like him.

This interview, mostly just some off-hand comments he made to a passing journalist regarding the recent big brother nastiness, largely reflect my views and those of many other siliconvalleyians I know.

My first response to many problems is to try to find technical solutions (more articles on that later), but the real problem is political, and the REAL problem is that most people just haven’t given this any in-depth thought. They’re too wrapped up in their lives to stop and consider the ramifications of an all-seeing government insisting that it isn’t all-seeing, but that if it is, its top-secret and illegal to talk about, all while saying they ‘welcome the debate’. You just can’t get any more orwellian than that.