Tesla Roadster: Driving Experience

Around Town
Driving the Roadster is a bit weird. With the hard top on, it’s very quiet, and the motor’s whine sounds like something out of Star Trek. With the top off, the wind drowns that out, and you just get the buffeting wind increasing your sensation of speed. It isn’t a quiet ride, nothing like the 500e, but still much quieter than a performance car like this should be. I still need a headset for phone conversations, but no more earplugs. And you can talk to your passenger!

Tesla vs. All My Other Cars

At this point, I’ve owned more awesome cars than most car reviewers. I’ll cop to being a bit insane in this regard. On the other hand, it does give me a unique point of view. Below, some first week impressions of the Tesla Roadster, and how it compares to my beloved, departed Lotus Elise, my recently crunched 500e, the gone-too-soon CLS550, and my wife’s stalwart RRS.